What is a Smoothing Brush

How do I know which hairbrush is right for my hair type?

Can the choice of hairbrush make a difference?
Everyone who has long hair has a brush, but have you ever thought about the type of brush you use every day? We don't talk about it often enough, but the choice of brush is crucial because it can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your hair.

A person with curly and thick hair will clearly not need the same brush as a person with fine and smooth hair. But don't panic, we'll help you find YOUR ideal hairbrush!

Let's see together right away which brush for which type of hair, and also which brush for which result.

The different types of brushes that exist

The brush that detangles your hair
Detangling brushes can be used on all occasions, i.e. on dry or straight hair, but also on all types of hair. It reduces the damage caused by other types of brushes, and it allows a less painful detangling which is ideal for example for children.

The hairbrush that can be used in the shower
This hairbrush is specially designed to be used on wet hair. We strongly advise you to test it because brushing wet hair can sometimes be very painful. You will often recognize it by its hook at the end of the handle that allows you to hang it in the shower itself!

The cushion brush
Cushion brushes are made of stiff bristles which are ideal for stimulating hair growth, so it all depends on your desires. They are also suitable for eliminating dandruff because they stimulate the scalp. In short, it's up to you to test it according to your situation.

The brush that is thermal
The thermal brushes are simply the brushes that produce heat to dry the hair at the same time, saving a lot of time if you already have straight hair.

The small brush that is made of boar bristles
They are known to improve hair health but myth or reality? Boar bristles are said to help restore shine to the hair but this has never really been proven. We let you test and make your own idea! All types of hair can test a priori.

The brush that is made of nylon bristles
This is a synthetic material that offers the same advantages as the boar bristle brush but for a more affordable price. It is also possible to use it on all hair types.

Brushes that are made of natural hair
This brush is used to replace the boar bristle or synthetic hair brush but for people with Vegan convictions.

Hairbrush that gets rid of static electricity
Obviously all those who have hair and have already encountered this type of problem. Some people encounter this problem more often than others and the anti static brush is a good option because they add negative ions to the hair. They are proven to be effective and are available for all hair types.

The straightening iron - the first generation of straighteners
Who hasn't tried straightening their hair with a straightening iron? Whether you have straight or curly hair, you've probably already tried it! The plate system that heats up very strongly and compresses your hair is effective but very brutal depending on your hair. For hair that is already fragile, very fine or bleached or dried out by the sun or the beach, really avoid it because you'll be giving your dehydrated hair too much of a beating. Otherwise, if you have healthy hair, you can use it, but be careful, it's like sugar, you mustn't abuse it!

The Smoothing Brush - second generation of hair straighteners
The Smoothing brushes are simply a new generation of straighteners that meet the modern requirements to straighten hair without damaging it! So what is a smoothing brush? It is a heating device that has the shape of a hairbrush! The heating plate system that crushes your hair has disappeared so that to damage them much less to shape them and that we love!

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