Will straightener damage hair ?

Will straightener damage your hair?

To make it short, yes. Appliances like hair straighteners use excessive heat to straighten hair, and too much heat on your hair can permanently damage it. This is permanent because once the hydrogen bonds of the hair are weakened it is impossible to rebuild them.

Why straightening your hair is bad ?

Straightening your hair can indeed be bad for your hair but this is not necessarily the case for all straighteners. We explain! Some straighteners are used on wet hair, that is to say when the scales of the hair are open. And in this case, applying a high temperature on your hair when the scales are open exposes even more hair to damage. Your hair will become dry and break.


In addition, it will lose its shine.
Other straighteners use a hot plate system to pinch your hair strands. And again, the action of pressing and pulling on your hair with high temperature plates is highly aimed at damaging it in the long run.

Are straightening brushes less damaging?

Fortunately, on this point we finally have a good thing to tell you, yes, there are straighteners that are less damaging to the hair!
Some straighteners have been designed with these problems in mind and this is the case with the Ticky Straightening Brush. As explained above, the heating plate system that presses the hair strand has disappeared which is a huge advantage for the health of the hair. In the case of a straightening brush, you only have to slide the hair strand between the combs of the brush. No compression of the hair, no damage.
Another point that allows your hair to remain strong and vigorous, the straightening brush is used on dry hair, ie once the hair cuticles are closed. This has two advantages: First, your straightening will go much faster and second, your hair will keep its shine.
The advantages of the straightening brush compared to the classic straighteners are therefore to be taken very seriously if you want to keep your hair moisturized, silky to the touch and shiny.

What straightener do salons use?

More and more, the world of hair is being revolutionized by the desire to care, not just the desire to shape.
In recent years, the Ticky brand has established itself as a leader in hair straightening brushes. This new era hair straightener is ordered by individuals as well as hair professionals. And Ticky has had time to get feedback from the professionals they work with.
The hairdressers unanimously agree that the hair is much less damaged with a straightening brush than with a conventional straightening iron. They were also numerous to confirm that the result of the straightening was identical. The Ticky straightening brush is therefore an adapted solution for healthier hair and a salon result from home.

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